Private Property

     The notion of private property.  Let's think about that. With each day and each new development our sense of "property" becomes more and more rigid. It strays farther away from any idea of community, of sharing, of helping.  We seem so bound to the idea of obtaining property, in whatever form that may be, and retaining it as our own. Private property.  What would happen if no language, no philosophy, no religion and no rule of law had ever put forth the notion of private property that has been so inculcated into our method of being? We are scared of sharing, we are scared of losing anything concrete and tangible that helps to define and witness the validity of our existence.  

     This image reminds me of someone who believed in something other than "private property." This image reminds me of someone who, in my particular memory, was more concerned with the common good.  Usually a "no trespassing" sign would be found posted.  This one had not been posted for years.